On the corner of the Market Square in Bruges and the Saint Amandstreet we find the « House Craenenburg ». The name originates from its inhabitants of 1305.

It’s historic value is two fold . Firstly, Margaretha of York watched in 1468 the games of the knights which took place on the market square to celebrate her marriage to Charles the Bold. Secondly, it was here that in 1488 archduke Maximilian of Austria was imprisoned.

During 1905 Craenenburg became the local pub for the Bruges smokers’ club. Craenenburg was renovated in 1956 with its current distinctive frontage. The main room was decorated in a typical Flemish style, including the wooden entrance porch, wooden beams on the ceiling, copper light fittings, a lovely freeze withn inset tiling and wooden benches along the walls.

The bar is superbly sculptured and the windows are set in lead with features reflecting the various brewing processes and skills. Since 1966 the business Craenenburg is run by family Boedt. The current owners are the third generation to be in charge.